Wednesday, May 30, 2012

March 2011 Meeting Minutes

The IKV Raptor's Heart held its monthly meeting at Scooter's Coffee Shop in Omaha, NE's old market district. In attendance was Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-(house pending), and new members O'dwinn and J'Sheel. 2nd Lt. Kurras tai-DoQ'Marr and 2nd Lt. Cho'pek tai-K'Tor were both absent due to prior engagements.

I was happy to announce that the ship's listserve is up and running at ikvraptorsheart @ We have a facebook group up and running:ikvraptorsheart, and we also have a blog started at It is the hope of the ship's company to get a website up and running before the end of the year (fingers crossed).

Various ideas for a ship's logo were discussed. The design featuring a bird-of-prey/raptor (eagle, falcon, hawk, owl) and a heart design of some kind, or the generic silhouette of a bird-of-prey with its wings spread and a Klingon trefoil as the bird's heart. As the duplication of an original design may prove difficult, should we decide later on to have a ship's patch embroidered, or a ship's shirt made, or a vinyl banner made; it was decided to use both ideas-the silhouette and trifoil heart on the ship's cloth banner, and the raptor/bird-of-prey and the heart for the patch, shirt, vinyl, banner—depending on the company's file of images.

A ship's recruiting flyer is in the process of being made. It just needs some tweaking; likewise, with a ship's business card for recruiting purposes. Other recruiting materials need to be determined, and information to be presented on them needs to be decided. Materials for decorating a recruiting table were also discussed. I have autographed photos of actors from the Star Trek series in costume (Gowron, Martok, Worf and Jadzia in wedding garb, etc.). O'dwinn and Kurras have bird-of-prey models, and Kalesta is making a needlepoint eagle to go with the Valentine heart ornament I picked up during a local store's after-holiday sale.

Discussions, at this point,fell into the realm of costumes, and various ideas were touched upon.

Our new members were brought up to speed on our recruiting campaign ideas, and our planned convention appearances. Apparently, there has been a shake up in the Omaha area's SCA community (how true that really is I don't know), when the group changed from the First Barony to the Second. Many disgruntled members left the local group. It was decided to try and recruit some of the former SCA members who have interests in science fiction into the ship's company.

The next ship's meeting will take place at Constellation 2 in Lincoln, NE.

Hailing frequencies are always open.


Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor

Commanding Officer

IKV Raptor's Heart

Klingon Assault Group


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