Wednesday, May 30, 2012

February 2011 Meeting Minutes and After Event Report (AER)

Three members of the ship's company arrived at the W. Dale (Main) Library in downtown Omaha, NE.

Present were Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor, and 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-(house pending).

We arrived early and set up shop in one of the meeting rooms on the lower level. The Klingon costuming segment was scheduled for 2 pm. We scoped out the area to locate basic amenities.

Due to an advertising glitch, attendance was light. As such, there were no takers for the Klingon Starter Honor sashes that we were offering. The Furries (the guys with the animal costumes) had a few customers. Discussions with other costumers in the area resulted in the creation of the Nebraska/Iowa Costuming Community.

Jorn had made some templates so we could cut out LARP versions of Bat'leths from wood or other substances like foam. Our discussions led back to future activities, and the ship's activity wish list has started to grow. Despite the light turnout, those present had a pleasant time making new friends and future plans.

Which brings me to the bad news: after announcing to the Fleet that we had a name (IKV Ice Dragon), it was pointed out to me that there was an Ice Dragon Fleet with a sister organization in Canada. A further internet search on my part revealed an IKV Ice Dragon located in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I can't tell by the website whether or not the group is currently active. I can't find a date as to when the site was last updated. The ship does not appear to be a member of KAG.

With the ICE Dragon Fleet and the IKV Ice Dragon, both with other Klingon-related fan clubs that would make us number three. We could do the easy thing and just add the Roman numeral three to our name, but if someone tries to do an internet search for us (if and when we get a website) and forgets to add the Roman numeral, then he/she will be looking at three entities named Ice Dragon. By a majority vote of the members via email, it was decided that we should change the name of the ship. With the possible list of names narrowed down to the finalists, we have decided on the new name of IKV Raptor's Heart.

Hailing Frequencies are always open.

Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor

Commanding Officer

IKV Raptor's Heart

Klingon Assault Group

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