Thursday, July 28, 2011

A Good Day to Dine!

"It IS a Good Day to DINE!"

    This concept was started by Commander Khar'Ton sutai-Koltar as a fun event and possible recruiting tool, which involves eating and dining, back in 1998.

    For those wishing to engage in this idea, here are a few suggestions and tips.

    First, scout out your local area for eating establishments and restaurants that take reservations. It doesn't have to be a real fancy place, or even gourmet. Call them up. Ask to talk to the manager or maitre'de (politely!) and ask them if they would like to be invaded by local Klingons. You may have to ask them if they even know what Star Trek is. If they seem willing to be invaded, or even better, LOVE the idea . . . then pick a date and plan to invade the place in style (!!!).

    All of the members in your group must go in FULL UNIFORM (aka in costume), and the more people from your group you can get to participate, the better. The more uniformed Klingons amongst the mundane, the more of an impact it makes. If one of the mundane diners comes up and asks if there is a Star Trek/Science Fiction convention in town, tell them with just the right pauses and emphasis: "No, today is a Good Day to DINE!"

    As for the recruiting aspect of the idea, make sure that one or more warriors among you has some Klingon business cards, brochures, applications that you can give to people for contact information. If a few brave people strike up a conversation about your group, the Klingon Assault Group, and/or Trek fandom in general, you will be ready to give them more information when asked for it.

     Also, don't forget to compliment the waiter, cooks, and staff—ESPECIALLY if it was truly excellent service. Another good idea—bring a certificate that says something like: "This eating establishment has survived a Klingon invasion!"—or—"This establishment has served the Klingon Empire Honorably!" Have blank spots where ALL of your Klingons, or 6-7 of your highest ranking members, can sign it. (Note: These certificates could also be partially printed in Klingon for added effect.) Also, a Polaroid photo might help the effect, and be a good reminder for the restaurant staff.

    Some good reasons to have a "Good Day to Dine" are crew members' birthdays, Star Trek movie premieres, the next Days of Honor celebration, the anniversary of Star Trek's first airing date, a young warrior's Rite of Inclusion celebration, Rites of Ascension, the anniversary of a significant Klingon/group victory, etc. If you do it as a birthday dinner, try to sing Happy Birthday in Klingon. (There are several versions of this song in Klingon fandom.) Also, again bring cameras to record the event for your chapter's scrapbook, or for later recruiting opportunities.

    What's presented here is the general idea. You may individualize this idea to fit your local needs and desires, and the city you play in.

    Good Hunting and a Good Day to Dine!