Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

We all know what Klingons are, how they act, and what they believe, etc.  Klingon warriors are loud, proud, strong, honorable, and a force to be reckoned with.  They party like there's no tomorrow, imbibing Bloodwine in large quantities and if rubbed the wrong way will go into battle at a drop of a hat.

Yet, not all Klingons are that way.  I minority of Klingons are more reserved, introspective and relatively quiet in comparison to their boistrous cousins.  These individuals tend to stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd whereever Klingons gather.  They can usually be found drinking raktajino, Terran milk shakes or prune juice, or other non-alcoholic honorable beverage of choice when they are seen in Quark's bar, the Enterprise's Ten Forward lounge, or any other such eatery in the Galaxy.

So, what gives?  Why are there Klingons whose instincts and urges do not involve getting into your face and making their presence known ?  And, why are these individuals treated differently by their peers?

The answer to the second question above is simple--diversity!  The Klingons as a species are a diverse people where each individual has his/her place in society.  And, there is some blurring of the line as military quotas and economic resession have caused some of the "quiet ones" to don military uniform and take a shipboard position in an effort to prevent personal financial collapse.

The answer to the third question above is a little more complicated.  With military prowess, brute strength and battle heavily emphasized in Klingon society, those who are more reserved are not as appreciated as perhaps they should be.  "Quiet ones" cannot boast of their honorable deeds on the battlefield, unless they have been forced by economic needs to join the military.  Yet, the Empire has a need for historians to record events and stories for posterity, musicians, singers, and actors to compose and perform Klingon operas and other theatrical plays.  Scientists to create the latest technologies, upgrade and improve existing systems, and the like.

While many follow the principles of the warrior, the "quiet ones" take to heart such proverbs as: "Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight;" and "Real power is in the heart."  Every Klingon warrior knows that intelligence and judgment play key roles in any confrontation he/she may encounter.  The warrior with a battle plan, who executes it well, is the one who will be singing of his victory at the next Klingon Karaoke night at the local pub after the fight.  Likewise the art of persuasion and/or the ability to exert one's influence overothers is not overlooked within the Empire.  By being able to use logic to sway others to your cause, your way of thinking,  or enter into a debate on the topic of the day withknowledge is just as important as combat skills.  After all, not all battles take place in space, or on the battlefield.  Some take place in Courts of law, the High Council Chambers, educational facilities, and even the local pub and other public places.

It is true that these creative intellectuals are unsusal and do not come across as your average Klingon, but the Empire would not be able to function without them.  The peaceful pursuits are not above any warrior.  there are many venerated warriors and combat veterans who were also closet poets, composers, tailors, chefs and scientists.  So if you feel the calling of one of these unusual endeavors that takes you away from weapons and combat tugging at you when you are between missions, bear in mind that you are not alone.  Every warrior needs some down time to recharge his/her batteries, and there is nothing written in stone that says you can't pursue a hobby, go hunting, or enjoy a sport during that down time.

So, if you feel an idea coming on--follow it proudly!  Who knows where it may lead you, or what new contribution to the Empire you will create?