Monday, January 14, 2013

August 2011 Meeting Minutes (part 2)

A complaint was lodged about the way the Klingon Culture pane was conducted.  An Audience member approached O'dwinn (Kevin) and remarked that the panel (Which was mostly a Q & A) was more about fan activities and not about the Klingon Culture as seen on the show.  The ship needs to do more cultural events and bring more "Klingon" into the convention appearances we do.  More discussion and planning of such events will be taking place in the months to come.  All ship's members, wishing to research cultural events as seen on the show, or who wishes to devise something mentioned but not actually shown tot he viewing audience, are welcomed to do so.  We will be doing a LOT more work on this in the months to come!

During the Star Trek vs. Star Wars vs. Firefly panel, a young Anime fan, who was asked by the panelists why he and his friends didn't jump into the older science fiction franchises, remarked that he didn't know where to start--there was so much information to digest, where does one begin?  Approved by the members present was the idea of hosting late evening panels at future conventions for which we volunteer to introduce this younger crowd to Star Trek and its universe.  Such panels would last two hours or more and/or one or more episodes, witht he ship's members answering the audience members' questions, talking Trek, etc.  Also approved was the ship's dedication plaque for the website currently under construction.  Those present liked the Klingon design from another ship's website, over the modified Federation plaque.

It was suggested that meeting agenda topics be published on the ship's listserve BEFORE the pending meeting date.  This is to give those members who cannot make it to an upcoming meeting the opportunity to comment on the topics to be discussed via email.

It was also suggested for our appearance at ConQuest 2012 that wh makeup Hanicap Parking "stickers" for walkers/scooters used by older/disabled members of the ship.  This will allow those using such devises for mobility to park outside the consuite door (if the consuite is congested, making it difficult to manuever such devises inside), so such devises will not be removed without cause.

The planetarium visit at UNO will be held in March as the ship's first celebration of the Klingon Days of Honor.  Tentive date we are targeting is March 24, a Saturaday.  We will be doing more planning on this in th ecoming months.

Also approved by those present was the isea of setting up a date to do a Klingon Day at Krypton Comics since Free Comic Book Day fall on the same weekend as DemiCon.  A date and time needs to be set up.  More discussions will take place in the months ahead.

Members in the Omaha area should keep their ears open for the opportunity of doing a movie premier appearance, when Star Trek (XII) is released.  More discussion will take place in the months ahead.

Of course, first and foremost, work on uniforms need to be scheduled so ws can get everyone properly geared up for future appearances.  This is considered to be a priority for all ship' members.

Before the meeting adjourned, Deb Ketelsen expressed a desire to join the ship.  She had frogotten how much fum such events could be, and the facr that we were actually following through on our plans excited her even more,  However, being on disability, she couldn't guarantee that she would be able to afford to do everything, but would participate as she was able.  She accepted the position of Ship's Counselor and also expressed her desire to remain Human in character.

One last item: Also approved was the idea of a quilt raffle for charity and/or ship's fund.  My grandmother has lots of scrap material for the making of quilts.  Also, the students of the Onawa Headstart program are in need of throw quilts that they can use to cover up with during nap time.  My mother, Kalesta (Honey) occasionally volunteers at the Headstart.  Quilt throws can be made and donated to the Headstart kids by ship's members or by members of the captain's family in honor of the ship.

The meeting was then adjourned.

Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor
Commanding Officer
IKV Raptor's Heart
Klingon Assault Group

Monday, January 7, 2013

Meeting Minutes for August 2011 (part 1)

The crew of the IKV Raptor's Heart met at Scooter's Coffee Shop in the Old Market in Omaha, NE.  In attendance was Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor (Sharon Boren), Commanding Officer; 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor (Honey Davis), Chief Medical Officer; 2nd Lt. Kurras tai-DoQ'Marr (Steven Holdern),Second Officer/Quartermaster; 2nd Lt. O'dwinn tai-DoQ'Marr (Kevin Caroll), Tactical Officer; and 2nd Lt. J'Sheel tai-DoQ'Marr (Julie Powell), Chief Operations Officer.  Also in attendance was guest Deb Ketelsen, who had some funky jewelry that she had collected as a member of the Suns Glory.  She thought that we might like to have the pins to make ship award pins out of them.  I bought the collection from her for the ship's use.

The crew members present decided to become volunteer workers--providing convention security--at Osfest 5.  It was also suggested that we turn the "Klingon Embassy" idea into a staff/volunteer lounge, so con staff and volunteers can grab food quickly and not have to traverse a congested consuite---provided we can get some help with the cost of food from the convention.

It was also suggested that we create a ship's fund and have some fundraisers to help offset the cost of ship events and operating costs.  One suggestion was to also have members donate a couple of dollars to the ship's fund to get it started.  O'dwinn (Kevin) mentioned that the Flea Market in the Florence district of Omaha would like to have the ship's company dress in full gear for Halloween weekend and do a walk through.  A date and time need to be set up.  Deb suggested a Raktajino stand to be our first ship's fundraiser at the Florence Flea Market while we do our walk through.  Those members who have problems getting around (Mom, Steve, and Deb) could man the stand, while the rest do the walk through. A dark roast, or robust coffee blend, chocolate syrup, and hazelnut coffee creamer will be needed to make the Klingon Coffee drink, as well as the stand fee.  Once the ingredient and fee-costs have been reimbursed, the rest of the money will go into the ship's fund.

The members present approved the ship's cloth banner and the ship shirt mock ups that Mom and I wore.  The banner is not perfect, being a 2 AM rush job.  It is designed to be an interim object for the ship's use until we (or the ship's captain) can afford a more professionally made vinyl banner.  O'dwinn (Kevin) ordered a shirt and a small personal banner.  An interest exists to make position pins for the ship's members, based on past KAG Handbook designs.

Ship departments/"job" descriptions have been posted to the ship's listserve.  These are not written in stone, therefore changes can be made as more crew members are recruited, or if upgrades need to be made.  The ship's members need to get together and plan our events better in the future.  The changes that were made to the Klingon Treasure Hunt at Osfest 4 was cited as evidence of ship's mistakes that need to be corrected.  We also need to imporve ship's communications between meetings.  Kurras (Steve) brought up times in the past where I uploaded to the listserve emails containing information that John and I were discussing by private emails.  He felt that such discussions should be brought to the whole crew for everyone's imput, not discussed between individuals privately.  [Which is why I have uploaded such emails to the ship's listserve to bring them to everyone's attention to suggestions that people have brought to me personally.  If the suggestion was something I felt the entire crew should know, I uploaded the reply and the original email to the ship's listserve.] Such instances and/or mistakes need to be addressed in the future.

It was suggested by email between meetings that a ship's "Photo Log" be made and available to interested parties for use at a ship's recruiting table in the future.  The mock up of digital scrpabooks pages based on WillyCon 13 photos were approved by those present.  It was also suggested that ship's members be more diligent in the taking of photos at conventions and other such events for the inclusion in the Ship's Photo Log.

The ship's participation at the KAG General Assembly at ConQuest 2012 was approved by those present.  As many of the ship's companywho can afford the trip is requested to attend this event.  We will be working on this in the months to come.

The ship's recruiting tools need to be better organized, and formalized for future recruiting purposes.  We have had opportunities to bring potential new members aboard and dropped the ball.  Recruiting efforts need to be revamped, revisited, and reorganized.  We will be woking on this in the months to come.

A ship's inventory was suggested, where members can donate stuff for the ship's use for recruiting tables, Klingon Cultural displays, etc. It was suggested that one person on the ship be the holder of said items.  This item will be further discussed in the months ahead.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

AER: WillyCon 13; April 1-3, 2011-Wayne, NE

Three members of the ship's crew attended and participated in WillyCon 13 in Wayne, NE. In attendance was Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor, and 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-(house pending).

With a Star Wars theme, the 501st Imperial Stormtroopers decided to host a costume panel. To get around the idea of two costuming panels, we hosted a panel on "Deconstructing a Klingon Costume", which broke down the Klingon Costume into its various parts and pieces. We also showed the audience how such a concept can also be applied to any sci-fi/Anime/Fantasy costume. By breaking down a costume down to its various components (pants, tunic, gauntlets, spine armor, etc.), a person could work on the costume one piece at a time. Several members of the audience expressed a desire to attempt a Sci-fi related costume project for a future area convention.

The convention was chocked full of great panels ranging from gaming to Doctor Who and Torchwood, to Star Wars and Anime. Kalesta found the ball-jointed dolls interesting, Jorn played auctioneer for the Art Auction, and I attended some of the Sci-fi/Fantasy and writing panels.

In all, it was a fun weekend that was enjoyed by those who attended.

Hailing Frequencies are always open.

Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor

Commanding Officer

IKV Raptor's Heart

Klingon Assault Group (KAG)

March 2011 Meeting Minutes

The IKV Raptor's Heart held its monthly meeting at Scooter's Coffee Shop in Omaha, NE's old market district. In attendance was Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-(house pending), and new members O'dwinn and J'Sheel. 2nd Lt. Kurras tai-DoQ'Marr and 2nd Lt. Cho'pek tai-K'Tor were both absent due to prior engagements.

I was happy to announce that the ship's listserve is up and running at ikvraptorsheart @ We have a facebook group up and running:ikvraptorsheart, and we also have a blog started at It is the hope of the ship's company to get a website up and running before the end of the year (fingers crossed).

Various ideas for a ship's logo were discussed. The design featuring a bird-of-prey/raptor (eagle, falcon, hawk, owl) and a heart design of some kind, or the generic silhouette of a bird-of-prey with its wings spread and a Klingon trefoil as the bird's heart. As the duplication of an original design may prove difficult, should we decide later on to have a ship's patch embroidered, or a ship's shirt made, or a vinyl banner made; it was decided to use both ideas-the silhouette and trifoil heart on the ship's cloth banner, and the raptor/bird-of-prey and the heart for the patch, shirt, vinyl, banner—depending on the company's file of images.

A ship's recruiting flyer is in the process of being made. It just needs some tweaking; likewise, with a ship's business card for recruiting purposes. Other recruiting materials need to be determined, and information to be presented on them needs to be decided. Materials for decorating a recruiting table were also discussed. I have autographed photos of actors from the Star Trek series in costume (Gowron, Martok, Worf and Jadzia in wedding garb, etc.). O'dwinn and Kurras have bird-of-prey models, and Kalesta is making a needlepoint eagle to go with the Valentine heart ornament I picked up during a local store's after-holiday sale.

Discussions, at this point,fell into the realm of costumes, and various ideas were touched upon.

Our new members were brought up to speed on our recruiting campaign ideas, and our planned convention appearances. Apparently, there has been a shake up in the Omaha area's SCA community (how true that really is I don't know), when the group changed from the First Barony to the Second. Many disgruntled members left the local group. It was decided to try and recruit some of the former SCA members who have interests in science fiction into the ship's company.

The next ship's meeting will take place at Constellation 2 in Lincoln, NE.

Hailing frequencies are always open.


Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor

Commanding Officer

IKV Raptor's Heart

Klingon Assault Group


February 2011 Meeting Minutes and After Event Report (AER)

Three members of the ship's company arrived at the W. Dale (Main) Library in downtown Omaha, NE.

Present were Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor, and 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-(house pending).

We arrived early and set up shop in one of the meeting rooms on the lower level. The Klingon costuming segment was scheduled for 2 pm. We scoped out the area to locate basic amenities.

Due to an advertising glitch, attendance was light. As such, there were no takers for the Klingon Starter Honor sashes that we were offering. The Furries (the guys with the animal costumes) had a few customers. Discussions with other costumers in the area resulted in the creation of the Nebraska/Iowa Costuming Community.

Jorn had made some templates so we could cut out LARP versions of Bat'leths from wood or other substances like foam. Our discussions led back to future activities, and the ship's activity wish list has started to grow. Despite the light turnout, those present had a pleasant time making new friends and future plans.

Which brings me to the bad news: after announcing to the Fleet that we had a name (IKV Ice Dragon), it was pointed out to me that there was an Ice Dragon Fleet with a sister organization in Canada. A further internet search on my part revealed an IKV Ice Dragon located in Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, I can't tell by the website whether or not the group is currently active. I can't find a date as to when the site was last updated. The ship does not appear to be a member of KAG.

With the ICE Dragon Fleet and the IKV Ice Dragon, both with other Klingon-related fan clubs that would make us number three. We could do the easy thing and just add the Roman numeral three to our name, but if someone tries to do an internet search for us (if and when we get a website) and forgets to add the Roman numeral, then he/she will be looking at three entities named Ice Dragon. By a majority vote of the members via email, it was decided that we should change the name of the ship. With the possible list of names narrowed down to the finalists, we have decided on the new name of IKV Raptor's Heart.

Hailing Frequencies are always open.

Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor

Commanding Officer

IKV Raptor's Heart

Klingon Assault Group

January 2011 Meeting Minutes




The New Klingon ship for Western Iowa held its first official meeting January 9th, in Omaha, NE.

Present was myself (Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor), 2nd Lt. Kalesta tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Cho'pek tai-K'Tor, 2nd Lt. Jorn tai-(House pending) and Sgt. Kurras tai-DoQ'Marr.

Topics of discussion were: activities, recruiting, and communications. Those present made it known that since the ship is in the Cold Terror Fleet, that a name depicting COLD would be most appropriate. The warriors present voted unanimously for the name: IKV Ice Dragon (if it's not already taken). Several ideas were exchanged on banner logos, and recruiting table displays. Ideas on the ship's listserv, blog, etc. were also discussed. It is hoped that the Omaha Costume Day event, set for February 12th, will be the ship's first activity (if the Commanding Officer can get the day off from work). Three April area conventions were also discussed: WillyCon at Wayne State College in Wayne, NE; Constellation in Lincoln, NE and DemiCon in Des Moines, IA. The first two could be possible recruiting venues for the ship. It is hoped that members of the ship will be able to attend DemiCon, and make ourselves known to the Quadrant.

It is also hoped that the ship's banner will be ready for unveiling at Osfest 4 in Omaha, NE in July.

Hailing frequencies are always open.


Lt. Akela tai-K'Tor

Commanding Officer

IKV Ice Dragon

Klingon Assault Group

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Way of the Peaceful Warrior

We all know what Klingons are, how they act, and what they believe, etc.  Klingon warriors are loud, proud, strong, honorable, and a force to be reckoned with.  They party like there's no tomorrow, imbibing Bloodwine in large quantities and if rubbed the wrong way will go into battle at a drop of a hat.

Yet, not all Klingons are that way.  I minority of Klingons are more reserved, introspective and relatively quiet in comparison to their boistrous cousins.  These individuals tend to stick out like a sore thumb in a crowd whereever Klingons gather.  They can usually be found drinking raktajino, Terran milk shakes or prune juice, or other non-alcoholic honorable beverage of choice when they are seen in Quark's bar, the Enterprise's Ten Forward lounge, or any other such eatery in the Galaxy.

So, what gives?  Why are there Klingons whose instincts and urges do not involve getting into your face and making their presence known ?  And, why are these individuals treated differently by their peers?

The answer to the second question above is simple--diversity!  The Klingons as a species are a diverse people where each individual has his/her place in society.  And, there is some blurring of the line as military quotas and economic resession have caused some of the "quiet ones" to don military uniform and take a shipboard position in an effort to prevent personal financial collapse.

The answer to the third question above is a little more complicated.  With military prowess, brute strength and battle heavily emphasized in Klingon society, those who are more reserved are not as appreciated as perhaps they should be.  "Quiet ones" cannot boast of their honorable deeds on the battlefield, unless they have been forced by economic needs to join the military.  Yet, the Empire has a need for historians to record events and stories for posterity, musicians, singers, and actors to compose and perform Klingon operas and other theatrical plays.  Scientists to create the latest technologies, upgrade and improve existing systems, and the like.

While many follow the principles of the warrior, the "quiet ones" take to heart such proverbs as: "Brute strength is not the most important asset in a fight;" and "Real power is in the heart."  Every Klingon warrior knows that intelligence and judgment play key roles in any confrontation he/she may encounter.  The warrior with a battle plan, who executes it well, is the one who will be singing of his victory at the next Klingon Karaoke night at the local pub after the fight.  Likewise the art of persuasion and/or the ability to exert one's influence overothers is not overlooked within the Empire.  By being able to use logic to sway others to your cause, your way of thinking,  or enter into a debate on the topic of the day withknowledge is just as important as combat skills.  After all, not all battles take place in space, or on the battlefield.  Some take place in Courts of law, the High Council Chambers, educational facilities, and even the local pub and other public places.

It is true that these creative intellectuals are unsusal and do not come across as your average Klingon, but the Empire would not be able to function without them.  The peaceful pursuits are not above any warrior.  there are many venerated warriors and combat veterans who were also closet poets, composers, tailors, chefs and scientists.  So if you feel the calling of one of these unusual endeavors that takes you away from weapons and combat tugging at you when you are between missions, bear in mind that you are not alone.  Every warrior needs some down time to recharge his/her batteries, and there is nothing written in stone that says you can't pursue a hobby, go hunting, or enjoy a sport during that down time.

So, if you feel an idea coming on--follow it proudly!  Who knows where it may lead you, or what new contribution to the Empire you will create?